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Pupl and Paper Pension Plan

The primary objective of the Pulp and Paper Industry Pension Plan (the Plan) is to provide retirement income to employees in the pulp and paper industry covered by a collective agreement between their employer and the Public and Private Workers of Canada (PPWC) or the UNIFOR Union (formerly CEP). The Plan also provides benefits in the event of death or termination of Plan participation. This booklet is a summary of the Plan provisions as of January 1, 2005. Your pension benefit under the Plan for all service after December 31, 1996 is based on your earnings, as defined in the Plan text, and a benefit rate of 1.4% (or such benefit rate that is in effect at the calculation date)  Click here for the booklet




1 - First go to http://www.pulpandpaperpension.hroffice.com/ 

2 - Your initial login will need an eleven digit unique identifier and your password. Your unique identifier is made up of the following

  • the first three letters of your last name - in capital letter
  • your first initial - in capital letter
  • your year and month of birth in YYMM format
  • the last 3 digits of your social insurance number

3 - The first time you login, your password will be your birthdate in YYYYMMDD format, followed by the last three digits of your SIN.  Example 19600317789

4 - After entering this information, the site will ask you to change your password and select three challenge questions.

If you have any questions, please contact your Health and Welfare Committee.




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