PPWC - Pulp, Paper and Woodworkers of Canada Local 9



July 17, 2017
Norbord Update

The following information has been released - and it looks like good news for 100 Mile House residents. We certainly hope that Williams Lake will have the same consideration in the near future. 


The District of 100 Mile House and the Cariboo Regional District (CRD) have begun evaluating the possibility for a safe return home for residents currently on evacuation order from the District of 100 Mile House and surrounding areas.

Before further details can be provided, a comprehensive assessment will be conducted to ensure the integrity of all infrastructure and utilities, such as water, sewer, roads, hydro, natural gas and emergency telephone services, to ensure the community is safe for re-occupancy. Any infrastructure and utilities that are not functioning properly will be identified and repaired.

Priority services required to sustain the re-entry of evacuated residents will also be established, including but not limited to emergency healthcare services, food services, waste management services and security of adjacent areas which may still be on order. The District of 100 Mile and CRD will liaise with agencies who will establish staffing requirements, time frames needed to become operational as well as the service level expectations that can be offered to returning residents.

It is not possible to determine when residents can return until the comprehensive assessment and re-servicing plan has been established. Further, re-entry is dependent on fire activity in the surrounding area that remains active as resident safety is paramount.

The District and CRD appreciate residents patience as the initial stages leading to re-entry are initiated. We look forward to being able to return residents to their homes in a safe and efficient manner.

Residents from the area should watch for updates on the status of a potential re-entry through the following media:



July 14, 2017
Norbord Update

As of yesterday, the Gustafson fire was 15% contained.  Close to 200 firefighters, including ones coming from Ontario now,  along with all kinds of fire fighting equipment are on scene. At that time, the fire had not substantially grown and had not crossed the highway. They are doing controlled burns to enhance fire guards and burn off remaining fuels. This information will be updated regularly on the 100 Mile House District website.  You will also find updates from the company posted there.  www.100milehouse.com

Our thoughts remain with our Brothers and Sisters at Norbord, and the community in large.   We continue to offer billeting here, and Prince George has a very well organized evacuation services setup. Let's hope that cooling temperatures and precipitation arrive so you can all go home soon.   


July 12, 2017 3:35pm
Norbord Update

HR Manager Myrin Toews has advised that employees should begin applying for employment insurance.  Applications are accepted online or in person at any Service Canada office.  Website link is https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/corporate/portfolio/service-canada/wildfires-british-columbia.html

You will need a reference code and that code is 5986012017071017

If you have received money from the provincial government, the Red Cross, an insurance company or a charitable organization, you do not have to declare this money as earnings in your biweekly reports. Money received in disaster relief circumstances is not considered earnings for EI purposes.

The mill site remains secure.


July 12, 2017

Norbord Update

It's been a hectic, and anxious filled few days for our membership at Norbord.  As we all know, 100 Mile House and surrounding areas have been evacuated.  News media has reported this is expected to remain so until sometime into next week.  It is difficult to predict when they will be allowed back into their homes, as it chiefly depends on if the weather will work with the fire crews. Let's hope it goes that way and we get some rain to assist! 

We have sent out several emails to our membership at Norbord, as well as posting same info on our Facebook page, that we have we have homes and RV spots ready to billet you while you are displaced.  Please contact the office and let us know your needs. We have a list of accommodations already in place for you.   Our thoughts and prayers to you all.

My recent discussion with Norbord revealed that the status of the mill is safe. I will be keeping in touch with Norbord and will update our membership as more information comes to me.

In the meantime, I urge our PG membership to contact the office to let us know if you have spots open to accommodate Norbord members. 

In Solidarity!




April 20,2017


Hello all.  As you can see it has been awhile since I last updated my page. No excuses just my bad!

There is a lot going on within our Local in the upcoming months. The pulp wage delegates will be meeting with Canfor on Monday April 24th to exchange agendas. We will then commence bargaining the Local issue part of the Collective Agreement on Wednesday April 26th. Presently the main wage negotiations are set to start on May 8th if there are no hiccups in the local issue bargaining. Both the PPWC and our wage caucus partners, Unifor, are ready to go!!

Once the pattern agreement is set we will be taking it around the province. This will include our certification at Chemtrade.

We will also be bargaining for our 100 Mile House members with Norbord. We have set our agenda and will get down to bargaining once the pulp agreement is done. Their Collective Agreement expires at the end of June.

Convention was held in Mackenzie this year with Local 18 and its members serving as hosts. A great job done by all. A special shout out to Nathan, Cody, Peter, Laurie and Dan. An even more special shoutout to Lloyd for organizing the curling for us. The real unsung hero of the week was Jamie who kept the drinks flowing and never complained once! Next years event will be back in Vancouver.

If you are interested in knowing more of what is happening in your Local come on out to a membership meeting!!






January 11, 2016              

Good morning,

I hope all members had a great Christmas with family and friends. It’s a nice time of the year to catch up with family and friends and enjoy life. We now ae back to work and those memories are behind us. Just a reminder to keep our minds on task at our worksites. Those same family and friends we just spent quality time with want to be able to spend more time with us.

Change is happening all the time. Some of it good and some of it not so good. We must adapt to some of these changes but if these changes involve violations of our contract language we must be prepared to defend the language. We do this by filing grievances and participating in your Local Unions meetings and committees.

Committee elections are taking place on Jan 13 at our monthly membership meeting. Come out to have a say on who is representing you on these committees or to put your name forward to become a member on a committee. Our Local works best with a lot of member participation. For those that are putting your names forward I thank you and for those that have been active and are taking leave I also thank you.

I would like to say thank you to our recreation committee for the job well done on putting together our annual Christmas dinner and dance. Also congratulations to all our retiree class of 2015!! Enjoy your new lives and spend your PPWC pensions to help keep our economy rolling.

See you all out and about





December 11, 2015

Good morning everyone,

Our Local’s elections for table officers are nearly complete. We have one position that is still open and that is our recording secretary. If you are interested in filling this vital role for the Local please attend the January general meeting or if you can’t be there in person send a letter of acceptance into Julie at the Union office. I want to thank all of those members who ran in the election for their commitment to the Local. Running for a position is a hard thing to do. While we all want to do  a service to our Local, the reality is we have to be willing to lose the election as well as wanting to win the position. Tough thing to do for sure.

Also a reminder that Local committee elections take place at our January membership meetings. There are lots of committees to interest everyone so please get involved and advocate for your fellow workers.

As we scurry around for the next few weeks checking our lists and enjoying the Christmas period with family and friends, let’s try to remember those that are less fortunate than ourselves. I had the pleasure of making donations to the St. Vincent de Paul society food bank, the 100 Mile House food bank and the Elder’s Citizens Recreation Association on behalf of the Local and its members. There are many worthwhile organizations that are in need of time and donations, so please give what you can.

There is an interesting read in today’s Province newspaper from Ben Parfitt of the CCPA that talks about raw log exports and our National President is featured in the article. All parts of the province are affected by raw log exports and this issue has been on our Union’s forefront for some time now. Hopefully at some time our Provincial Government will realize that their natural gas dream is just that a dream, and will look to the traditional BC industries such as ours, and strengthen rules and encourage investment in the wood sector. Here is the link to the article https://shar.es/1GbXNt

I want to take this time to thank the membership for their continued support for me in my role as President of this great Local. I also want to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas ( or whatever religious or non religious greeting ) and a Happy New Year!!





October 23, 2015

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all getting over the federal election hangover. Coming off of the longest campaign period in our country's history, it is now time to move on this new direction. There are a lot of issues that our new Prime Minister and his government must now tackle. The economy, climate change, Bill C51, electoral reform and one that hits close to unions, Bill C-377 - the union transparency act.

Talking about elections, the Local is now in the process of nominations for our Table Officers. October saw first call and November will see final call. In January we will have nominations and elections for our Local committees. Please attend these meetings if you are interested in a position or want to have your say in who is representing you at the Local level.

The National and the Locals are in the process of making application to the Labour Board to change our Unions name. Looking at our certification certificates, it certainly was time to update them. Over the coming days and weeks you will see changes to not only our name but signage, websites, letterhead etc. For those that can't remember, our new name is " Public and Private Workers of Canada" PPWC.

Stay active and see you out at a meeting.



October 15, 2015

Good morning. As the longest election period in Canadian history comes to a close next Monday I thought I should weigh in on what I have witnessed during the last 4 years. I have seen a government who has attacked the fabric of who we are as Canadians. From veterans to social programs to unions to the common man. We have a government who believes they are above the law and our Canadian Constitution. The old Reform party came in with new ideas and a fresh take on what Canadians wanted done. Those ideals were long ago abandoned by the new Conservatives for the old Conservative ideals.

While I will not tell you how you should vote on Monday I will say that this country needs a fresh start in Ottawa and that the present government cannot be allowed to lead our Country for the next 4 years. Strategic voting is one way to accomplish this.

The other more important issue is for all of us to get out and vote. The only way democracy works is for all of us to exercise our right to vote. Complaining in the back ground serves nothing. We must get to the polling stations and mark our ballots. Politicians are scared of an informed electorate. They are even more scared if we exercise our vote.

We have the power if we get out to vote. Our politicians work for us. They do not work for their parties.

Never forget that!! Come Monday get out and vote!





Sept 24, 2015

Hello everyone. Last week a special convention was held in Vancouver to bring to fruition changing our long standing Union name to the Public and Private Workers of Canada. This new name keeps our ties to the past by keeping the PPWC acronym but also looks to the present and future of who we are. The new name recognizes the diversity that is found within our Union and sets the course to where we will lead on into the future.

The name change will be rolled out over the next few months as we work through the legal end as well as producing a new logo for our brand new Union. Stay tuned and stay involved.




Sept 3, 2015

Hello all. I hope your summer has been a good one. As we transition from summer to fall we all get to enjoy the Labour Day long weekend. While we all enjoy our day off from going to work, what is Labour day all about. Here is a brief reminder of why we have a national day for Labour.

In March of 1872 the Toronto printers union go on strike for a shorter work week. This union had been in negotiations for over 3 years, their demands had fallen on deaf ears. The strike and movement gained momentum and in April a group of 2,000 workers marched through the streets in solidarity. By the end of the march it was estimated that their numbers had grown to over 10,000 strong. Then Prime Minister John A Macdonald seeing some political advantage of siding with the workers, decriminalized unions with the Trade Union Act. The nine hour movement as it was dubbed, spread to other Canadian cities. People began celebrating the strikers with parades and other acts of solidarity. Many other unions of the day joined in and under mounting pressure from workers across the country Prime Minister John Thompson declared Labour day a national holiday in 1894.

We all know that the labour movement struggles did not end there. Workers have had to continuously campaign against companies for proper working conditions, benefits and livable wages. This struggle continues today! While many of us have not had to go on strike to enjoy our negotiated benefits, many before us have had to. The benefits, wages and language that we currently enjoy in our workplaces was not freely given to us out of the great hearts of our companies, but rather fought for by members before us that had to walk picket lines and sacrifice for what they believed in. Read the history of the PPWC that is printed in our National newsletter to get a glimpse of what some of our older retired members had to perservere through to enable all of us to enjoy our benefits today. So remember Labour Day is not just another day off, but rather a day we can thank our former union activists for all that they have done for us!!

Our recreation committee puts together an annual Labour Day picnic to be held at Cottonwood Island park in PG between 10am and 4pm on Monday Sept 7th. Come on down and have a hamburger or hotdog and enjoy Labour Day. There are many kids activities planned and lots of food and refreshments served.

See you out and about,



August 3, 2015

Good morning everyone. I hope those that are not at our respective worksites are out and about enjoying this BC day long weekend. I attended my 30th grad re-union this weekend (where did that time go!!) and had a great time meeting up with those that attended.

Our Canadian Prime Minister did what was widely expected and visited the Governor General this weekend and dropped the writ. He has called it early to begin the real campaigning and make it the most expensive campaign in Canada's history. The choice we will make as Canadians is change or more of the same. I won't tell you how to vote ( unless you want to have a private conversation with me ) but I will say to all of our members it is important to get out and exercise our constitutional right. In past elections far too many Canadians have not exercised their right and have effectively let someone else make a choice for them. It does not matter what party we believe will be the best choice we must get out and vote. The last election less than half of the eligible voters actually voted. Become informed and get out and vote.

Remember to safe this summer and support your Local union!!






June 29,2015

Hello all. I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying this nice warm weather we are having. Just a reminder that many of our worksites can be very hot and we all must be aware of ourselves and our workmates not to become overcome by heat stroke. Know the signs and keep hydrated.

For those that attended the Local 9 golf tournament I hope that you had a great time despite the weather. Congrats to the Legg foursome on winning the overall and mixed titles. Many thanks to our recreation committee members who organized everything and to Corrinne and Cathy for manning the registration table. Great job all!!

Next week we have an exec meeting and a general membership meeting. Anyone who is on a Local 9 committee or in a table officer position should be attending the exec meetings. We need a quorum of 6 as per our bylaws to have a meeting. The exec meetings are important to hold between general meetings to conduct the business of the Local. For our general meetings we need a quorum of 20 at our Prince George meetings and 12 at our 100 Mile House meetings. Come on out to a meeting and have your say in how your Local is run.

Get out and enjoy the sun and have a great summer.





May 21, 2015

Good morning everyone. I hope you all had an opportunity to get out and enjoy the first long weekend of the summer. I certainly did have some fun with family and friends. As we enter into full blown summer lets all be aware of our tinder dry forests. Enjoy them but let's make sure we treat them with care and respect. Thanks to those in the forest service who are fighting the fires in our region already.

As we progress into summer let us not forget the importance of attending our union meetings. Whether on a committee, executive or general meeting the affairs of the Local and its membership still need attention. I know it is hard when the sun is shining to drag yourself to a meeting after a hot day at our worksites but remember it is important as some issues are time sensitive.

On the safety front we have a number of committee members from all of our certifications attending both the PPWC and Industry safety conferences next week. With that in mind as our workplaces heat up, be mindful of sun and heat stroke. These can creep up on a person so watch for signs that we display and that of your fellow workers. Make sure you take the time to cool down and drink lots of fluids. Remember we have the right to cool ourselves down!

So get out and enjoy the summer! See you out and about.



April 28, 2015

Good afternoon everyone. I had the honour today to represent Local 9 at the Day of Mourning ceremony here in Prince George. I along with Joe Garon were humbled by the turnout at this event. A lot of us work in hazardous work environments and each morning when we go into work the last thing on our minds is that we will not make it home after our days work. But the reality is that 173 fellow British Columbians did not make it home. This number represents those workers who were killed while on the job or because of workplace industrial diseases. These numbers year over year do not seem to go down. We all need to be more aware of the mundane or normal tasks that we do each day could result in serious injury or even death. We need to look out for one another and ensure our workplace safety committees are functioning properly. If we see or notice something unsafe we need to deal with it right away and make sure it is documented so everyone else has a sense of what the issue was and how to avoid a repeat of it.

Other news on the go is that the PPWC and Unifor pulp wage caucus' have come to an agreement to joint bargain in the 2017 pulp sector bargain. Its been a lot of years since these two organizations sat together as one to take on the pulp companies. I can assure you that once word leaked out at our Canfor mills there was a look of concern on many senior managers faces. No more playing each side off of each other. Local 9 will be bringing the joint rules of order for wage caucus to the membership at our next scheduled membership meeting (May 13). From my perspective this is a long time coming and I am looking forward to working with our Unifor brothers and sisters. The PPWC wage caucus held elections for our head table the same week as joining with Unifor. I was elected as wage caucus chair, Gary Fiege, Local 2 President was elected as wage caucus spokesperson and Chris Cargill, Local 1 President was elected as wage caucus secretary. We have a strong team in place and we are all looking forward to the challenges ahead.

The other big news that is going on within our National Union is a proposal that will be going to a special convention in the fall to change our Union's name. We will be going forward from the Pulp, Paper and Woodworkers of Canada to the Public and Private Workers of Canada. This change will have to be approved at a convention as it is a Constitutional change. By changing our name it better reflects the realities of our demographics within our Union. Over 1/3rd of our membership is outside of the traditional pulp sector. The new name allows us to keep the PPWC name but better reflects who we are. An exciting time after 54 years under the old name. Onwards and upwards we go!!

Just a reminder that this Friday is the May day or true Labour Day. This was the original date of the original uprisings that led to the labour movement across the world. Here in Prince George there is a dinner and banquet that we will attend. If you are interested in attending on behalf of the Local contact Julie at the Union office.

That's it for now. Get out and support "YOUR" local Union.





March 24,2015

Hello everyone. I hope you are all able to get out and enjoy this lovely early spring weather. I know I sure have.

Local 9 recently held our 53rd National convention. I want to thank our convention organizers for a job well done. I have heard many glowing reports from delegates who attended. A real big shout out goes to our many Esther's Inn members who went above and beyond to assist and look after our convention delegates. Our members did a bang up job at the hotel just by doing their jobs. Thank You!!

One of the resolutions to come out of the convention was a proposal to change our Nationals name. This proposal will be discussed and voted on at our general meeting in PG and at our membership meeting in 100 Mile House. I am in favour of the resolution. Changing to the Public and Private workers of Canada represents who we really are and has a nice tie in to the old by keeping the PPWC brand. Please come out to the meetings so we can have a good discussion.

For our 100 Mile house members there is a change coming. Ainsworth and Norboard are merging and the new company will be Norboard. There will be signage changes for sure at the mill. The Ainsworth name will be around but just on certain product lines. The merger will be result in business as normal at the plant level for the foreseeable future. Remember to keep your mind on task.

Come on out to a membership meeting and say Hi!!






Feb 5, 2015

Hello all. I have said it a number of times on this site that I would endeavour to keep this page up to date. I have failed miserably! No promises but I will try.

So far this year has been busy to say the least. We have had 4 terminations in various certifications since Christmas. They all have interesting stories which I won't get in to online. What I will say is please do not put yourself into this situation. Whether you believe you are in the right or the wrong it is an awful position to be in when you have lost your job and have to explain to everyone that is connected to you. The emotional toll is huge. My advice is go to work, do it well and then go home safely at the end of each shift.

As many of you know Prince George is hosting the Canada Winter Games in February. Try to get out and take in some of the action at the many venues. There is also a lot of social activities going on. Of course if you have the time get out and volunteer in some way. Whether you are in favour of the games or not get out and watch these world class Canadian athletes compete.

In March Local 9 is hosting the 53rd Annual PPWC National Convention. Convention dates are March 11-13th. There will also be labour school being held on March 9, 10. These are great for everyone who wants to see and hear about what's happening in the labour world. If you are interested in attending the labour school contact the union office. This year's convention is being held at our PPWC certification Esther's Inn. It's great to be able to support our Union brothers and sisters at the hotel. I would also like to thank our convention committee for all of the hard work they have been doing organizing the convention.

Remember to get out to a general membership meeting!!



July 29, 2014

Here is an opinion piece that our National President Arnie Bercov wrote that was published in the Vancouver Province on July 23rd.

The mighty B.C. forest industry is now suffering from both a lack of leadership and a lack of vision in the corporate boardrooms.

Where we once had integrated companies often with deep roots in communities and an understanding that public tenure was just that, public, many of these companies have been broken up and replaced with stand-alone entities whose only obligation is to the shareholders or some distant corporation.

In 2004, when the Forest Act changed to allow for more corporate control and much less public oversight, those major companies promised a billion dollars in new investment.

In the ensuing years since those commitments were made, we have seen more mills closed, little new investment materialize other than green energy transfer money, and ever increasing amounts of log exports become the norm on the coast.

Overcutting in the Interior will lead to an even bigger fall down in the annual allowable cut once the beetle wood runs its course.

The inevitable results of the corporate bloodbaths have left many pulp and paper mills, stand-alone sawmills, as well as some of the bio-energy sector at the mercy and beck and call of the large-tenure holders, both public and private. These tenure holders leave huge amounts of waste wood in the forests that cannot be accessed by those other stake holders, even though those other stake holders have as much right to the forests as any other company.

While the government shares much of the blame for where we are today we also must remove the “fox” from the henhouse!

So where do we go from here?

First we must understand that both forest restoration and maintaining healthy forests is our single best weapon against climate change. When we harvest trees, it should be done under the Forest Stewardship Council certification.

We must work with First Nations in an honest and equal partnership that fully respects aboriginal rights and title for the benefit of all British Columbians. Respecting and understanding both cultural and community values are our social licences to operate on the land.

We must re-commit to a manufacturing forest industry that moves up the value chain rather than resource exploitation (raw log exports) with little economic benefit.

We need to work to preserve protected areas so our grandchildren can walk among old-growth cedars and firs while at the same time find employment in an industry that has almost limitless potential.

We also need an accurate inventory of all the harvestable forest lands in British Columbia. By planning for the “mid term” timber supply in the Interior and the inevitable “fall down,” we can mitigate the economic effects through aggressive silviculture, thereby creating employment and stabilizing communities until the beetle-ravaged forests are restored.

Oil and gas may last for a few hundred years which is short-term thinking given the hundreds of thousands of years we have been on earth, but healthy forests will sustain us long after we have drank the last drop of hydro-carbons or fracked our last piece of land.

Arnold Bercov is president of the Pulp, Paper and Woodworkers of Canada and a board member with the Forest Stewardship Council.





June 19, 2014


Hello Local 9 members,

Here is some of what's happening at our Local. First off I want to congratulate our members at Pacific Bio Energy for ratifying a new 5 year collective agreement that saw wage hikes benefit increases and language improvements throughout the deal. One piece is significant is the opportunity to getting these members into the pulp pension plan diversified division. We will ensure everyone is well versed in what that means before going ahead with inclusion.

Another item that the Local has decided to move ahead on was membership into the Confederation of Canadian Unions. The CCU is an independent labour central designed to give independent Canadian unions like the PPWC a broader say with other like minded unions on issues of National importance. I will say that there was a lively debate that eventually led to the decision to join. Look for upcoming releases from the CCU.

Our recreation committee has been hard at work in organizing this years annual golf tournament. The date is tomorrow June 20th. Keep this item on your radar for next year. A good time is had by all. There are 60 golfers taking part this year. Good luck to all of them!

One campaign that Local 9 will be undertaking this fall is " I am my brother's keeper". This has 2 meanings. One is on the safety side, we all need to keep an eye out for our fellow work mates. Safety is everybody's business. The second side is the union side. Lets be mindful of where we came from and where we want to get to. All to often we see our wages and benefits as being given to us from the company as opposed to the reality that our union brothers/sisters fought for these rights, many going on strike to obtain them. We will give some history on where many of the benefits we enjoy now came about. We will also be encouraging members to get out to monthly membership meetings and participate in the Local's business. We have some new meeting attendance incentives that we will also roll out in the fall.

I hope everyone has a great summer. Stay safe out there whether at our worksites or on holidays!





April 23, 2014

Hello Members

Today marks the second anniversary of the Lakeland Mill explosion. The families and friends of those that were injured and killed in this explosion are walking to fight for justice and a provincial inquiry into what happened to both Lakeland and Babine Mills. On Monday April 28th a ceremony will be held at the injured worker memorial at the base of Connaught Hill. This day has been set aside for the National Day of Mourning. If you have time please stop by at noon at show your support of injured and killed workers.

Next week the Intercon and PG Pulp shutdowns will start. I urge all that will be working on these shutdowns to stay safe and look out for one another.

At convention this year Local 2 showed us all a campaign that they are currently doing in their mill. The campaign titled " I am my Brother's keeper" is a two pronged campaign. First it is in reference to everyday safety at the millsite. The premise being that everyone is responsible to look out for one another while on the job. Secondly it is all union Brother and Sisters to uphold the ideals of being a union member. Treating fellow members with respect and standing up for one another as well as asking what we can all do for our Local. Not what can the Union do for me as an individual but what we can all do to make our union even stronger as a group. Strength in numbers is where it is at. We have some new stickers that we will be distributing and will have more to come in the near future.

A reminder to all that the first thing we can all do is get out to one of your respective membership meetings. The PG meetings are on the second Wednesday of every month at the Elders Rec Center on 10th Ave at 7:30pm. The 100 Mile metings are on the Third Tuesday of every month at the Red Rock Grill in the basement starting at 7pm. Remember that by attending half of the available meetings you are then eligible to receive a dues rebate of up to $250, as well as a coat a meeting is also given away.

I will leave everyone with a quote I seen today " Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called Whining". All of us as members have a say in the activities of "YOUR" Local union. Get out and exercise that right.



July 10, 2013

Good afternoon everyone.

My thoughts today are with two of our Locals that have seen some major announcements come their way. Not good news for either of these Locals or their members.

Last week the striking workers at Local 16 heard from their employer, Rock Tenn, that the plant was not economically viable and would thus be shut down. This has as I'm sure most of you would understand, have a huge effect on the lives of the 80+ workers and their families. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them. Lets hope that the company does the right thing and looks after the severance part now.

Yesterday afternoon in Castlegar, Celgar Pulp, announced to the membership of Local 1 that there were to be job cuts at their mill. Total job losses are in the range of 85 staff and hourly. The hourly cuts make up 20% of the membership in Local 1. Some of these will be done through attrition but many will be done through outright job losses. This will have a ripple effect on the city of Castlegar. The Local will be busy the next while trying to sort out seniority and the many other issues that will pop up as they transition through this turmoil.

These two examples sure puts it into perspective that there are many who are worse off than ourselves. Get out to your union meetings and take part in whats happening. Hopefully  we will never have to experience this same pain that our union brothers and sisters are now feeling.

I am down in 100 Mile House next week to resume negotiations and to attend their membership meeting. The negotiating committee there is eager to get back at it. Hopefully in the near future we will have some good news to report.

We have also contacted management at Esther's Inn and informed them that we are ready to begin negotiating a new Collective Agreement there. With the summer being as it is with holidays and such we have had to look into August for dates. At this time we have booked Aug 21st and 22nd.

I wish everyone a safe and sunny summer. Get out and enjoy some great weather with family and friends.




June 24 2013,


Good morning everyone. It sure is nice to feel the heat shining down on us.

This past week Canfor had its annual Wellness Day on Thursday at PG Pulp. It was well attended by members and vendors. A great job done by our Health and Welfare reps. On Friday the Local hosted its annual golf tournament. The weather was fantastic to say the least. A great job of organizing was done by our Rec committee. Congratulations to the Link, Montgomery, Parra and Mackrocki team.

Some not so good news from the Local front. A group of members at our Pinnacle Meadowbank site decided that being in a union was not for them. After the two days of voting the membership there decided to leave Local 9. We wish all of them the best in their futures. One last bit of wisdom for them is you are always stronger in and as a group than individuals ever are!

Ainsworth negotiations are scheduled to resume July 15th. I should have some dates for Esther's Inn negotiations very shortly.

We are also having our super exec on Thursday of this week. Make sure all those who have been asked to attend make it in.

Have a great week and an even better July long weekend.






May 30, 2013

Good soggy afternoon to everyone. I had the pleasure of being down in 100 Mile this week to start negotiations with Ainsworth.  The company has some items on its agenda that will require some real thought and a lot of resolve from our members. We are slated to meet with them again on June 11th and 12th. Good job by the committee on their first couple of days meeting with the company. The members have a chosen a good group to represent them. Thank you to Reg, Rudy and Brent. We still have some work on the drug testing policy and grievances but I am confident we can solve them.

We have a number of members down in Vancouver this week attending both the PPWC safety conference and the joint industry conference. I am sure that they will all come back to our respective workplaces with some new ideas and newfound confidence in dealing with safety. Thanks to Local 2 for hosting the PPWC safety conference. I believe that it is our turn next year.

Next week I will be attending the National Executive Board (NEB) meeting in Vancouver. It is scheduled for June 6 and 7. The NEB is made up of one member from each Local and all of our elected National officers. The NEB steers and directs the National and its officers in between conventions.

On the social calendar our Rec committee is hosting our annual golf tournament that is being held at Aspen Grove Golf Course on June 21. This fun annual event is open to all members of Local 9 and their families. Tee times fill up fast so don't delay and get your teams of 4 into the office, Elton or Ron quickly. This 4 golfer best ball tournament is suited for everyone with lots of prizes and fun activities at many holes. Good luck to everyone who participates.

That's it for now. I'm off this weekend to Whitefish Bay on Stuart Lake for the annual IPCO maintenance fishing derby. This fun weekend has been held for over 30 years and has had many memorable moments, some of them even involving fish!

Stay safe and I'll see you around.







May 16,2013

Hello to everyone. I hope that you all took the time to get out and vote on Tuesday. The numbers on how many voted were far too low. When almost half of the people in our society don't vote, that truly amazes me. I believe that we have the civic duty to get out and have our say in who will lead us at every stage of our electoral process. Most that I have talked to in the last few days say yes they did get out and vote, but how can that be when the numbers say only half our population did just that. Interesting tidbit, in Australia you can be fined for not voting!!

Lots happening around the Local this month. There is the annual safety conference the last week of the month. We are sending members from 5 of our certs to this conference. Make sure those that are going get out and meet the Local 9 delegates that haven't been before and help them navigate the week of seminars.

In 100 Mile House we will be holding a plant and membership meeting next Tuesday. Make sure you get out as we will be discussing the drug testing policy grievance and hopefully have some information on dates for negotiations.

As we slide into the May long weekend keep your minds focussed on the task at hand at our respective job sites. Where ever you go or do stay safe and enjoy some time with family and friends. Till next time





April 29,2013

Hello all. I was able to attend the National Day of Mourning yesterday at the injured worker memorial by Connaught Hill. It was a moving experience. We continue to injure and kill workers at way too high of rates. This year the number was 149 killed on the job and due to workplace illnesses. Workplace illnesses are on the rise, asbestosis is a leading one. This silent killer will be affecting workers for some time to come. Thanks to those members who came out and took in the ceremony. Special thanks to Brother Kevin who brought flowers on behalf of Local 9.

Last week we had an incident at our 100 Mile House certification. The company decided to implement drug testing on two of our members without notification or consultation with the Local. From the information that we have gathered it seems this decision has come directly from the CEO. If its a fight he wants a fight he will get. Great timing also as we head into negotiations.

The Intercon shut seemed to go relatively smoothly. From my perspective and many of our production members, there didn't seem to be a lot of equipment fixed. As we move into start up I urge everyone involved to stay aware and be safe.

Later Chuck


April 17, 2013

Good afternoon everyone. We have scheduled some shop steward training for May 7&8 at the union hall. For anyone who is interested in taking this training please contact Julie at the union office so we can get any free ups needed in. We have a few spots left so first come first served. Frank Robertson our National 1st vice President will be teaching this course. We also have some of Local 18 Mackenzie's shop stewards joining us.

I just returned from my monthly trip down through Quesnel and 100 Mile. It certainly isn't winter when you head a little south. All is well at our New certification Pinnacle Pellet. I am going to keep pressing on to get our new members out to meetings. We are going to cancel May's meeting as it falls on the holiday Monday. I am going to talk with our plant committee there and maybe look at holding quarterly meetings.

In 100 Mile we had a great turnout to our monthly membership meeting. Congrats to Reg, Rudy and Brent for being elected onto their negotiating committee. Also to jordan for stepping up and filling a position on the plant safety committee. At last nights meeting we were able to put together an agenda for the upcoming negotiations. Agenda items touch on a number of items that the membership would like addressed. In the coming few days I will with Julie's help put the finishing touches on the agenda, make it look pretty.

I would also like to thank Brother Steve Wares for his many contributions to the Local over the last 5 years. Steve had to step down to look after some family issues but will still be around to bounce ideas off of him. Thanks Steve!

Next week is the Intercon shut. I want to ask all of our members to have a safe shut.

Also next week we have a number of members from different certifications down in Vancouver taking some WCB training put on by National. If you are in need of help with a WCB claim please contact the office and Julie can steer you to the appropiate person.

For the pulp group, Bobby Deepak and Sherry Ogasawara from the BC NDP will be at the gates on April 30 in the morning. Make sure you stop and have a quick chat with our 2 local candidates. On the election note I encourage all of our members to exercise their right to vote no matter which candidate or party you choose. Remember democracy only works when we partake in the process!!

Thats it for now, Have a great day




March 14,2013

Hello to everyone. I have been very bad at updating my page as you can see when my last entry was. I attended our 51st Convention last week and am happy to report it was a very positive and debate filled one. We had some great speakers from the CCU, Joanie Cameron Pritchet and John Hanrahan, Dr. Margo Watt from Francis Xavier University and Jan Noster President of CMAW.

The CMAW delegation had an interesting story on how they broke away from the International Carpenters to where they are today. Those gentlemen put a lot of blood sweat and tears into getting free and put their members first. Their philosophies and that of the PPWC is very similar. Another proud "Independent" Canadian Union. I look forward to see where this friendship takes us.

I would loke to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing National president Chris Elias for her work and dedication to the PPWC. I would also like to thank 2nd Vice Gerald DeJong for his service to the National and wish him well at his Local.

I would also like to welcome our new National President Arnie Bercov who hails from Local 8 and new 2nd Vice President Mike Broadbent from Local 18. Local 9 looks forward to working with both of you.

I would be remiss if I didn't welcome our newest certification, Pinnacle Pellet Meadowbank, into Local 9. We have been working hard down there to get everything set up and so far its been going smoothly. Special thanks to Greg Lewis, Jordan Fouty, Ross Sayle, Paul Lewis and Attilio Rausse for all their help through negotiations and plant activities.

I am going to try my best to update my page on a much more regular basis. If I slip please don't hesitate to hold my feet to the fire.


In Solidarity



Aug 13, 2012

Good Morning. I am just returning from holidays today and was greeted with sad news from our Pacific Bio members. One of our members was tragically killed while riding an Atv on the weekend. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. If our members are having any difficulty over the next little bit in dealing with this tragic event I encourage you to contact the employee assistance program for Pacific Bio which is Walmsley and associates. They are available 24 hours a day.

Summer is still in full swing so I encourage everyone to focus on our jobs at hand and stay safe!



July 26, 2012

Hello everyone and happy summer holidays to you. A quick note on whats happening in the Local before I head off on some holidays.

On the pulp side our wage delegates are scheduled to meet with CPLP on Wednesday August 1. It remains to be seen what this meeting will accomplish but hopefully some changes can be made to the proposed agreement and be brought back to the membership for a vote. Stay tuned for updates as the process moves along.

At our new Meadowbank certification, negotiations will begin the week of August 13 to 17. National First Vice Frank Robertson will be meeting with the members of the negotiating committee next week to formalize the new language. Good Luck to this committee on securing a fair first collective agreement.

In 100 Mile there will be a number of upcoming pension meetings in August. On August 8th the company will be putting on a presentation of their proposed Defined Contribution pension plan. Information sessions on the present Defined Benefit plan will be scheduled for later in the month. Keep watching for those dates. I encourage all our members to attend both information sessions to become better informed on the pension issues. Being better informed makes for better decisions down the road.

Lastly at this busy time of the year when we are planning family get a ways we must remain focussed on our tasks at hand while we are at our respective worksites. There is never a good time for an injury.

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your summer and the nice weather.



June 6 2012,

Hello everyone. Its a grey and soggy start to the day. Hopefully the weekends weather will be better.

I had the pleasure to meet a number of our new members from Meadowbank the last 2 nights in Quesnel. We got some great feedback and lots of questions. The mood at the site is one of excitement tinged with nervousness as one might expect. We are on the road to elect a negotiating, plant and safety committees. Remember the Local is only as successful as its members getting involved.

I will be attending the quarterly National Executive Board (NEB) meeting in Vancouver on Thursday and Friday this week. This is where the business of the National gets done between conventions.

On Monday June 11 we will be resuming our arbitration with the company on the ADO issue. Tuesday we have a wage caucus meeting and on Wednesday we resume contract talks with CPLP.

Just a reminder that there is an exec meeting Tuesday next week, General meeting on Wednesday. Ainsworth has a general meeting on June 19. Get on out and hear whats happening within your Local.




May 30, 2012

Good morning everyone. Just a couple of quick updates to pass along.

The first one is I would like to welcome Local 9's new certification into our Local. We have had the pleasure of certifying the Pinnacle Pellet plant located south of Prince George at the Meadowbank location. I would like to thank and welcome these 22 new members to our Local and look forward to personally meeting all of them over the course of the next few weeks. We have information meetings upcoming next week and from there we will elect a negotiating committee and get going on a first collective agreement . I also want to thank Frank Robertson our National 1st Vice President for his Organizational skills and patience.

On the pulp side we are in Main Wage negotiations this week with CPLP management. First day of talks went well and we look forward to meeting the rest of this week.

Need to know more? A reminder that our next general membership meeting for Prince George is June 13 and for Ainsworth 100 Mile House it is June 19. Come on out and get involved.

In Solidarity






May 22, 2012

Good morning everyone. I hope you had an enjoyable long weekend with friends or family. For those that were on shift I hope it was a quiet and safe operating set.

A quick update for our pulp guy's and girls. We have finished meeting with CPLP for our bull session part of our collective agreement. We are now scheduled to meet on May 29 to June 1 for the start of main wage negotiations. We have dates set aside throughout the month of June and I will continue to put out updates.

On the ADO issue we went to arbitration that the arbitrator changed to a mediation. On the advise of our lawyer that is the road that we went down. We did not reach conclusion over our 2 days and have another scheduled day with the arbitrator on June 11.

We had 8 more shop stewards go through the training at the union office. Thank you to those that took the training. For anyone else that is interested please contact Julie at the office as we would like to schedule another training course in September.

Remember to get out to your respective general membership meetings and find out whats happening in your Local.

In Solidarity





 May 4, 2012

Hello everyone. I wanted to give a quick update on whats happening this past week.

I travelled to Burns Lake last Thursday with CPLP reps, and a rep from CEP to present the Burns Lake hospital a donation in wake of the tragic fire in January at the Babine Sawmill. In consultation thru the company and the two unions it was decided to give a lasting legacy to the commmunity of Burns Lake by helping the hospital upgrade and purchase new equipment. I am proud to say through the generosity of all those involved a total of $87,870 was donated. A job well done by all those who gave.

I also attended the Day of Mourning on April 28. Local 9 was well represented at this moving ceremony in wake of the tragedy at Lakeland sawmill. I encourage all our members to really try to get out and attend this rally. Its a moving experience.

We also had a large number of members attend the May Day rally on Tuesday. Many thanks to Brother Kevin Beyer for his well done speech.

This past week we had 4th step meetings with both CPLP and Ainsworth. We put forth good arguments at both places. We even won one outright at 100 Mile. We await word on the rest of them. This next week is already a busy one. On Monday and Tuesday we are in arbitration with CPLP over the ADO's. We've met with the lawyer on numerous occasions and we are ready to roll.

We also start negotiations with CPLP on Wednesday and are scheduled for bull sessions the week of the 14th.

If you want up to date info I'll see everyone at our general meeting May 16 at 7:30pm.


Have a great weekend.






April 24, 2012


Hello. I want to update the membership on a few things that are happening around the Local. But first I want to take a moment to express my and I'm sure all of the Locals best wishes to the workers and families from the Lakeland Sawmill. As with the Burns Lake fire, the Ainsworth explosion, the Pacific Bio explosion, and the PG Pulp chip screen fire we sit and watch  the destructive power that most of our worksites possess. Its a stark reminder at how we must through our safety programs push our employers into doing evrything possible to ensure our worksites will be around for years to come. On Saturday April 28 at 11:00am we will be at the worker memorial for the National Day of mourning for injured and killed workers. I encourage everyone who has time to come down to the base of Connaught Hill and partake in the ceremony. Again to our brothers and sisiters at Lakeland Mill we will keep you in our minds and hearts as you journey through your new reality.


In Local news, the rumour mill is working overtime at the pulp mills. To set the record straight we have not reached an agreement with the company. We will be starting negotiations on MAY 9 2012. We have dates set over the next 2 months for both Bull sessions and Main wage. If you want to know whats happening I would encourage all members to get out to a Union Meeting. The ADO arbitration is still set for May7,8 and we are looking forward to finally getting this grievance over and done with.

Our Ainsworth plant recently had a curtailment over the Easter long weekend. Timing seems a bit odd with 2 stats involved. At present there are a couple of grievances produced from the short notice given and I'm sure more to follow.

Pacific Bio had a serious accident on site involving a contractor, and we will await the findings of their incident investigation.

A reminder to everyone in the Local to get out and vote for our National Secretary Treasurer. We have 2 great candidates running. Look for dates and times at your worksites. Remember if you don't vote you had no say in who now represents you.







March 30,2012

Good day everyone. I was reminded by a fellow member that I hadn't updated my page in some time. He was right and I apologize. Writing my thoughts and goings on is not my strong suit but I will endeavor to do a better job.

One of the comments made to me whats happening in regards to the pulp negotiations. While I understand its a hot topic around the pulp mills I want to remind our members that a lot of information comes out at our monthly union meetings. I encourage all members of Local 9 to get out to a meeting and see first hand whats happening throughout your Local. If you are new to the Local it is actually a bylaw that new members come out to a general meeting in their first 3 months of becoming a member. No prior knowledge of unions is required, just a willingness to listen, learn and partake in the affairs of YOUR Local is all that is needed. As a reminder if you make half of the general meetings within the year you are eligible to receive up to $250.00 of your dues back as a rebate. We also give away a union jacket and a pair of tickets to the Christmas dance at each meeting.

So whats happening with Negotiations you ask ? Through our Wage Caucus we have an agenda put together a month and a bit ago for main wage. We also have our Bull Session agenda formed and approved at our February General meeting. Since that time Frank Robertson and myself met with the company on Wed March 28 to discuss going early. We let the company know that we are the target mill, and that we are ready to negotiate. While the company would like to postpone negotiations till after the PG boiler project is done, they do see merit in getting a deal done. We talked about possible dates, format and location. We blocked a few dates for a protocol meeting and the start of Bull sessions and are awaiting confirmation from all involved that they will work. I wont give them to you yet until I have for sure dates.

We have a wage caucus scheduled for next Wed April 4 and will hopefully be able to announce further developments after that.

Thanks Brian for putting the bug in my ear but remember everyone this forum is no replacement for attending union meetings. Each crew and area should look at designating someone to come to a meeting and hear first hand whats happening. Thats it for now stay tuned.








Oct 27, 2011


Just a quick update on whats happening around our worksites.

Our Pacific Bio members are having a strike vote on Oct 31 and Nov 1 after turning down the companies last contract proposal. We may be looking for help in manning the line and showing support and solidarity to our union brothers and sisters.

Our Ainsworth members are going through curtailments the next 3 months. Never a good thing and hopefully this will result in an increase in board prices soon to get our members working back at normal schedules soon. Good job done by our plant committee members during a time of great stress. Our Lieu day arbitration is still scheduled for Feb 16,17 2012.

Canfor Pulp is just about to put out an instrumentation apprenticeship. Make sure you watch for it on the boards if you are interested. We will also be going to arbitration Dec 12 on our Holiday manning grievance. Still waiting to hear back on a new arbitrator and dates on our ADO grievance.

A reminder that at our November General Membership Meeting is last call for table officers. If you are interested in running for a position please show up at this meeting, or have a letter in to Julie stating you will accept the nomination. Good Luck to all who let their names stand.



Sept 20, 2011

Brothers and Sisters,

I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves over the summer holidays, and are ready to get back at the grind of life. I know I certainly had a great time over the past couple of months.

At the local level we have been busy with bringing in a few non union groups into our local. One was the Pinnacle Pellet Plant in Meadowbank by Dunkley Lumber. As with every organizing drive, having no access to the guy's on the floor is hard, from the stand point of dealing with rumours and company propaganda. While we obtained the required cards to get a vote we were defeated at the labour board sponsored vote. A couple of days before we filed with the labour board lo and behold the company came out with a wage increase and started a RRSP plan with their employees. Just call it bargaining without union representation. The second opportunity is in Grande Prairie with the non union Ainsworth plant and as I write this National First Vice Frank Robertson and Local 9 member are in Grande Prairie getting cards signed. I will let you all know the outcome when I know more.

The pulp group ADO arbitration has been postponed again as the arbitrator Mr. Blasina has taken a posting with the human rights tribunal. This is a blow not only to us but to the labour movement as Mr. Blasina was a highly respected arbitrator. Stay tuned for new dates.
The Lieu Day arbitration for Ainsworth is taking shape. The arbitrator has been selected, Bob Pekeles. Looks like the dates will be Feb 16,17 2012. It is a complicated procedure to get all the parties on the same dates. Stay tuned for more developments.

At Pacific Bio Energy we have wrapped up contract negotiations with the company. The main stumbling blocks were wage and term. The company final offered us and we will take it to the membership next week. I will give the details once our members have made their decision.
At Chemtrade the general manager has left and we are awaiting news as to who will replace him.
If you want to know what’s happening in your local then get yourself out to a general membership meeting so your voice can be heard.

In solidarity Chuck


June 9 2011

Good morning everyone. I hope all the Canuck fans are all ok this morning. Just remember its now a best of 3 series with home ice advantage. There must of been a lot of members watching the game with the poor turnout at last nights general meeting.

For those at Canfor Pulp the ADO arbitration has been rescheduled for Sept 26,27,28. We are actively working on this thru our lawyer and the company's lawyer with an eye to a resolve.

The 9th annual golf tournament info is out and hope that many of our members can attend this fun day of golf and festivities.

As summer holidays near remember to be safe and enjoy time with your families!!



May 25,2011

Good afternoon everyone. Here is a quick update on whats happening around the local.

We are currently in talks with Pacific Bio and conifer. The negotiating committee met with the company on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Talks are also scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week. So far talks have progressed well and we remain optimistic that we will arrive at a negotiated settlement for our Pacific Bio members. Stay tuned for more news on this front.

Chemtrade is back up and producing which is good news for all concerned. There plant and safety committees have worked hard and have had a direct influence on what has gone on out there since the cell explosion.

Esther's has some grievance issues that John and the shop stewards are working on.

Ainsworth members recently elected new member to their plant committee. Welcome to Joe Jmaeff. Steve Wares has also stepped into the position of plant chair. I was down in 100 Mile last week for a 4th step grievance meeting. We dealt with 2 grievances and await the responses from the company.

At Canfor Pulp the company is just about ready to roll out the employee satisfaction surveys done a bit ago. I won't steal their thunder so will give them some time to get the info out. Our safety reps were at the annual safety conference last week and I look forward to hearing there thoughts and ideas. The conference was also attended by members from Chemtrade, Ainsworth and Pacific Bio.

Keep informed by attending your respective general meetings.



May 16, 2011

Hello to the members of Local 9. I thought I would write a quick note to you to let you know what is upcoming in the weeks ahead. I will be in 100 Mile at Ainsworth for a 4th step meeting on Tuesday afternoon. This grievance stems from our last set of negotiations. Jon Ball and Steve Wares will also be present and hopefully we can resolve this without having to go to arbitration.

For CPLP the ADO arbitration was postponed because of the company switching lawyers. I know its frustrating but stay positive and patient. New dates are being set for September. We did talk to the company last week and had a very good meeting. We'll see if we can get this resolved, its been a long road for everyone.

Chemtrade is back up and running after their explosion in the cell line at Chlorate 4. Luckily no one was hurt in the explosion but 2 of our members are off with the after effects. Last week we had another member get hurt ( sprained knee ) so they have had a rough week to say the least. Remember to keep your mind focussed on the job at hand so we dont have any of our other members being hurt.

Pacific Bio negotiations restart on May 24. We have exchanged agendas with them on April 21. The company agenda is short but contains items that go against our union principles. Namely the doing away with vacation statutory minimums. They seem to think its in our members best interest to work straight through the year with no time off, if they so choose.  Interesting way of looking at whats best for their employees.

At Esthers there are some grievances and issues that John is working through.Hopefully they can get these solved with a satisfactory outcome to our members.

The shop steward training was well received and attended. We will try to offer another one in the fall so if you are interested in getting trained give your name to Joe Gaon or Julie at the office.

Thanks and have a great week



 May 2, 2011

Hello to everyone in the local. Just thought that I would let everyone know that we have a new addition to the office  at local 9. Please join me in welcoming our new office secretary Julie Ross. Julie is happy and eager to meet each of you as she transitions into her role with us. Susan is still here to guide Julie in her new role for the next few weeks. Please be patient while Julie becomes acqainted with the office and all of our differing certifications.

Thanks Chuck



 April 26, 2011

Hello to everyone and I hope everyone enjoyed their long Easter weekend. There are two upcoming elections in the near future. I hope everyone takes the time to get out and vote both in the Federal election and the Union National elections. Remember it is your democratic duty to get out and let your voice be heard.

On the National front there are three members vying for your vote. Gerald De Jong the current 2nd vice, Mike Broadbent from Local 18 in Mackenzie, and Mike Scott from Local 15 in Skookumchuck. Read their bios that are posted in your respective workplaces. The pulp groups are also voting on Health and Welfare and Pension trustees. Their bios are also posted at CPLP and Chemtrade. Thanks to all who have let their names stand and to those who are helping out at our certs on the voting days.

We entered into negotiations with management from Pacific Bio-Energy on Thursday April 21. Both sides presented their agendas and clarified their positions. The company is looking at holidays, how the shift workers take them as well as doing away with statutoey minimums. Neither of which do we have any interest in. They also are proposing a 5 year deal . We are scheduled to get back with them the week of May 24th.

We are still looking for one member to join the Aensworth plant committee. If you or someone you know is interested please contact myself or Steve Wares in 100 Mile to let your name stand at the next general meeting in 100 Mile on May 16, 2011.

Thats all for now. Enjoy the sunshine.





March 17,2011

Hello to all members of Local 9. I am currently down in Nanaimo at the 49th Annual convention of the PPWC. All is well down here but it sure rains a lot. Convention is going along nicely and we will have a full report at our next membership meetings.

During our lunch break today we had the pleasure of walking the picket line with the faculty union representing some 500 workers at the Vancouver Island University. It was a great exercise for a lot of us that have never had to be on strike before. They have been out a week and spirits are still high. They are out not on monetary issues but job security, mostly surrounding how the university management decides who will be layed off and then management assuming those job tasks. All that we talked to were passionate about their school and hope management gets back to the table and bargains in a constructive manner.

Just a reminder that John and Frank will be in 100 Mile House to conduct shop steward training next week. The following week I will be down there to sit in on the pension info meetings. Hopefully the news is not as bad as many of us fear.

Shop Steward training will also be going on in PG in May. This training will be put on by John with help from Brett McPherson. Let Susan know if you would like to attend.

On April 21 we will be sitting down with Pacific Bio management along with Conifer to bargain a new collective agreement. We will have the agenda down by early April for our members to approve.

I am on vacation next week but would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a good spring break.

Rember stay involved as you are the union!

In Solidarity


January 12 , 2011

Chuck LeBlancHello. Hope everyone's holidays went well. This is my first entry of many so stay tuned as I keep everyone informed.

Chuck LeBlanc
PPWC Local 9 President




November 17, 2010

I've just come back from 100 Mile after spending the day with our brothers and sisters at the Ainsworth OSB plant. The plant recently under went some upgrading and last Wednesday part of the new dryer system blew up. It is a miracle that no one was physically hurt. I took part in a debriefing session and I know that there were several people that probably went to church last Sunday. The plant should be back running next week at half capacity as it will take a month or so to repair the damage. Management will have to come up with a good plan to reassure our members there that it will be safe to be in that plant. Hopefully the management there will involve our members and their union in that process as so far they haven't. I'm hoping that it will be recognized that to survive companies need the full support and input of their unionized employees.

If you haven't heard the Local will have a new President next year (Chuck Leblanc) and I will be the second Vice. There will be an election for some positions in early December so make sure you read the poster to see who is running. I learned last year at the Leadership Training session the Local put on that integrity is the most valued characteristic of a Leader, so please keep that in mind. Also thank you for those members who have served this year and won't be around next year. Also thank you to those members who have let their name stand for next years officers. There will be more elections coming. Please get involved as your union is the people you work with.

If I don't get another chance to update this blog, best wishes to you all for the new year.

In Solidarity

John A. Ball



July 30, 2010

I'm pleased that our members at Esther's Inn have a new collective agreement and I look forward with working with them in the future. The contract was signed July 20th and I think it's a good start.

Next week I'm going to 100 Mile to attend a meeting with their bargaining committee and management. Hopefully we'll be able to bring something back to the membership to vote on or be serving strike notice before the snow flies.

I heard Pacific Bio will be getting a new manager. Apparently when the old one left the fibre supply got very low and the mills almost got shut down. Hopefully it doesn't happen again.

I've also heard some good news from Chemtrade. With the restarting of the Mackenzie Pulp Mill. Chemtrade will be able to restart Chlorate III and that's good for our members at that plant. When a mill goes down it affects everyone.

I went on vacation for 2 weeks and one of the things I did was visit Elk Falls. I went out to the mill site and the falls. I'm thankful I'm not one of the people affected by the closure of the mill because I could have been and my heart hurts because of the way it all went down. The management there split the saw mill from the pulp and paper and that was the beginning of end. The NDP allowed the exporting of raw logs and the Campbell Liberals allowed the trickle of logs to become a torrent of logs. When the saw mill owners figured out that they could make more money selling logs than making lumber they shut down the saw mill. The Elk Falls mill was designed to make pulp from saw dust. With that saw mill closure the layoffs started. The saw mill owners are now the largest owner of Timber on Vancouver Island and they don't operate a single saw mill. The wood and jobs are going to China, Korea, and the US and that company has the largest quarterly profit in three years. If it's okay to put tariffs on our lumber why not copy the Russians and tax those raw logs for the benefit of the people of this province and keep jobs here?

This week your executive has been working very hard on changing the By-Laws of this Local to reflect our multiple certifications. These By-Laws are the rules and guides that ensure the Local functions well in providing membership services to all our members from 100 Mile House to Prince George. This process will continue for some time and I urge all of you to attend the General Meetings so that you can take part in these changes. This is the members Union and as President my job is to make sure it stays that way.

In Solidarity

John A. Ball

June 28, 2010

Esther’s Negotiations Update

Your Negotiation Committee met with Esther’s Management Friday June 25th. We met with them 3 times and at the end of the day, reached a tentative agreement. We will have Special Meetings to explain the contract and have the Esther’s members vote on the agreement. The meetings will be held at the Union Hall on 3rd Avenue (across from Dairy Queen) July 6th and July 7th. The Meetings will start at 10am and 4pm, the new contract will be fully explained starting at these times. Every one please vote.

In Solidarity

John A. Ball

Contract Special Meeting

Place: PPWC Local 9 Union Hall

When: July 6th & 7th

Times: 10am & 4pm

The new contract will be explained and voting will take place after each meeting.


June 18, 2010

Last night I got back from conducting a Strike Vote at the Ainsworth OSB plant in 100 Mile. 109 members voted with 64 voting in favour of a Strike and 45 not. The Strike Vote was approved by 58.7% of the membership. The majority have spoken and I hope for our members working at Ainsworth, they learn to stick together now and get that contract they need.

In Solidarity,

John A. Ball

President PPWC Local 9


May 27, 2010

Last week there  was a special Standing Committee meeting to deal with the Relief Staff Positions. After a thorough discussion of the issues the company was given this letter.

I have also co-endorsed a letter of support for CPLP Green projects for our mills on behalf of the Local. I grew up in  a mill town and personally believe that the Pulp and Paper industry has done much for the development of this Province and Prince George in particularly.

This week we had an Executive meeting and it was well attended. Today Ken and Myself meet with the Company to discuss the ADO issues at a 4th Step Meeting.


In Solidarity,


John A. Ball


President Local 9 PPWC